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Case Study

Simulating various fuel mixtures and conditions

The project

A large appliance manufacturer wanted to understand what would happen with their manufacturing process if they started using H2 instead of gas for their heat-treating operations. The focus of the study is to find out what would be the energy efficiency when using various fuel mixtures, what would be the GHG emissions composition, and what infrastructure changes would be needed if they decide to make the switch.

We used our Digital Twin technology to model the manufacturing process and to generate data at any moment about the current condition of the assets and calculate the GHG emissions. Then, we conducted 22 different simulation scenarios with various fuel mixtures including oxyfuel and O2. We found that in their case using O2 as an oxidizer and controlling the total mixture flow using inverter-powered compressors would bring the most savings.

Key concepts

  • Digital Twins

  • Energy-efficiency

  • GHG emissions

  • Fuel mixtures simulation

  • What-if scenarios


  • Digitalized process

  • 22 fuel mixture experiments conducted

  • Optimal fuel mixture identified

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