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Process optimization through AI

Improved KPIs, reduced energy consumption.


AI Optimization


Digital Twin


Optimal control powered by Digital Twins & AI

Optimal process control often involves fine-tuning multiple highly correlated variables. Combined with faulty sensor readings or lack of data for any part of the manufacturing process, makes optimizing manufacturing processes difficult, slow and expensive. 


AI and Digital Twins can fix this. Through GridMetrics’ platform, energy savings and improved KPIs can be achieved in days instead of months.

Digitalize and optimize

Digitalize the manufacturing process. Optimize it in a safe environment. Deploy it to control autonomously and efficiently. It takes days, instead of years.

Simulations based on physics and chemistry

DALL·E 2023-04-19 13.18.00.png

Conduct experiments. What will happen to the infrastructure if you use H2 as a fuel? What about the GHG emissions? Would installing a larger pump be more energy-efficient?​

  • Run what if scenarios

  • Visualize the energy and emission impact of equipment changes

  • Measure the impact of changes to the production process

  • Identify energy losses


Optimize and automate by using AI

Algorithms that adapt themselves to the specific process. Dynamically, in real-time, improves multiple correlated parameters. 

  • Automate multi-variable process Improve several kpis at once

  • Reduce energy usage

  • Improve process stability


Generate process data & software sensors

Generate data for anything at any moment during the production process, without sensors. 

  • Reduce sensor noise

  • Identify broken sensors

  • Software sensors provide measurements of physical quantities for which physical sensors are expensive or impractical

  • Generate vast amounts of sensor data that can be used for optimization or predictive maintenance


Safe and secure on-premise deployment

Safely connect to your existing SCADA system and run in autonomous or advisory mode.

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Works for any physical, chemical or biochemical process.

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